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Jacuzzi PowerActive™ J19

The largest model in the PowerActive™ collection, the J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa combines swimming, aquatic fitness and family fun.

Jacuzzi PowerActive™ J19

The J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa is not just for swimming and is an ideal place for aquatic fitness with workouts forcused on aerobic and resistance training. Powered by a single 4 horsepower pumps and a single 3 horsepower pump the J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa features two PowerActive™ AX swim jets which deliver a smooth, spacious current, which are adjustable to ensure a workout or swimming environment that is perfect for your pace. The SteadySwim™ buoancy jet keeps you aligned by elevating your body into the correct swimming position.

The J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa offers four ergonomically designed seats each with unique jet configurations you can enjoy a comfortable hydromassage after your workout or simply to let the everday stresses soak away.

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