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Item List

4720 x 2360 x 1350

Jacuzzi PowerActive™ J16

An ideal swim spa for both you and your family, the J-16™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa delivers a swimming experience through two adjustable PowerPro® AX jets.

5640 x 2360 x 1350mm

Jacuzzi PowerActive™ J19

The largest model in the PowerActive™ collection, the J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa combines swimming, aquatic fitness and family fun.

3810 x 2360 x 1350mm

Jacuzzi PowerPlay™ J13

Perfect for fitness, fun and family time, the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa will help you and your family get active and stay active.

4720 x 2360 x 1350mm

Jacuzzi PowerPro™ J16

Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall, the Jacuzzi® J-16™ PowerPro™ Swim Spa offers the perfect endless swimming pool experience.

5640 x 2360 x 1350mm

Jacuzzi PowerPro™ J19

The easily adjustable current ensures the J-19™ PowerPro™ Swim Spa is suitable for beginners learning to swim through to triathletes looking to gain valuable seconds.

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